accesschk accepteula Flag

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accesschk.exe is a Microsoft Sysinternals tool that is great for auditing privileges on your systems, and for auditing privileges on others’ systems.

When run for the first time, accesschk.exe, and most other sysinternals tools, pop up a window asking for the user to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), despite being a CLI application.

What this means, is that, if attempting to use accesschk.exe in a scenario where you only have CLI access to a Windows host, such as getting a limited shell in a penetration test, you can’t use accesschk.exe.

Fortunately, the Sysinternals team added a flag to tell the program that you accept the EULA, and not to display a popup, /accepteula.

Unfortunately, this flag was removed from their tools at some point, and sending /accepteula no longer gives the desired effect.

It took me a while, but I found the below link using, which expands out to an old version of accesschk.exe which accepts the /accepteula flag.



MD5: 4a015d6baf869b415e4af1ba081c239c
SHA1: 597fac26da29fa9ce1d58be45d488fea49bb2c2b
SHA256: bd9071a6cc56eb7a6538751f0971a8688c881451a3ca897ddbd53be9ebd4c1be
SHA512: 3dc641467c93f3747b3d6c1a5a9236d23fd6ff06aacedd5ef1f2817e0ff630bde30a308e85323ba60fa5b63eedc594ae1279942c6cd5f748736d29f463444765

I hope it’s useful, it sucks trying to find old software when you need it in a pinch.

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